Farmers Market –One Morning in Madison — The Thankful Heart

Hello all– On our trip to Wisconsin last month we spent a sunny morning strolling through the beautiful bountiful Madison Farmers Market. It makes a complete circle in the park surrounding the State Capitol Building, among trees and green lawn. We have nothing like this in my little California suburb. I’ll tell you those Wisconsin […]

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Polenta with Turkey Meatballs & Marinara — The Thankful Heart

Hey there– Home from our trip to Wisconsin (I’ll be sending along more travel pictures later. I’m one of those moms who over-take photos, just ask my kids!). I think I use this blog as a combination recipe file & family scrapbook. So fun to look back at good fun & food memories. Anyway, so now we’re […]

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I’ll find you in the still of night


Sometimes in the dead of night i feel an easy hand
reaching deep inside of me ,reaching for my pain.

I saw it in your eyes he said,as you passed by the other day
you reminded me of years long gone that knew another man.
And i see inside the corridors of a mind that you think black
i see your eyes have hardened,and that look upon your face.

But you gave it all away he said ,with a wink and a sideways
glance.I sense a little softness in those eyes that watch and dance,I’ve been with you a long long time,I’m with you everyday,
I’m the hand that guides you,the one that parts your way.

So walk ahead with faith now,no harm I’ll let touch you.
I know your heart  mind and soul bend and breaks at will.
And if you fall I’ll find you in the still of night i will come,
hold you through the darkness till light again has come.


“When will she break?”
The words linger as my mind goes blank
I lay on the floor, my empty gaze becomes a blur
Here we go again…
Take me away…
Whisper sweet words to me
Let me drift to better times
I close my eyes and blind myself to the evil within your touch
Keep me in this false embrace…
I’ll listen to anything you say
Anyone who says otherwise..I’ll look away, if you don’t exist within them- I can’t see them.
Very few have managed to open my eyes to what this love really is- even if I witness it myself…even if I see the darker side of you…
I come crawling back, a sober girl who has witnessed the darkness…
Lie to me, please
I’m sorry for ever walking away just hold me close once more and never let me go…
Here we go again…
How long will this dream last this time?
“When will she break?”

Long Distance Love

girl sitting on lap

Clock tickling so rapidly, when I have you beside me
Time goes by so fast, when I have you sitting on my lap
However, night went so slow, since I’m no longer beside you
Each time I look around, I sees empty corners of my room
It is, as empty as me, without you whom I love to see every day
From the moment I can’t no longer feel your skin
It was when, I started longing for your kiss and embrace
Indescribable emptiness I felt inside and made me cry at night,
I can’t see your smile and can’t hold you, when you have teary eyes
From me, you are so far away, that makes me feel so worthless
I missed you laying on my chest where no words need to speak
The cool breezy winter, teases me to search you every morning.
I missed brushing your hair while you laying on my shoulder
I miss your hands, feeling your heartbeat, and sensing your touch.
I missed you holding a cup of coffee with a smile to start my day
A busy morning, is so lonely, because I don’t have you to talk and play.
Each time, I hears your giggles on the other end, it kills me so romantically
Whenever I saw you online, I feel the punishment for I can’t hold you.
You’re the only magic that I believe is true, each time I look at you
I know since from the start, deep in my heart, you own the biggest part.
No arts can elaborate the absolute colors for you painted my heart so uniquely
But even if,  for awhile we’re separated by time and distance,
The love I have for you, was never been disrupted, not once
I want you to know, that, I been sitting here all alone,
waiting for this time, and anticipating because I love you endlessly
These memories will forever be a genuine pieces for me to treasure for the rest of my life
Welcome to our new home my Love the place that I choose for us to grow.